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Finally the finally - Last request

Hello to all ,friendz ,romanz , and 2allconceitedmen , "GUESS WHO" I'm Shia athimen . and I ammidnightsilencewriting productions .  "THE TIME HAS COME" toletyouknow "SOMETHINGS GOING ON".The past years ,all the way back " FROM THE START"i have I believed that "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME" with a pretentious open mind I couldn't keep from "WONDERING" am I "THE DUMBEST MAN ALIVE" well "THE WICKED WICKED WITCH" seems to think so. She Said if I'm not "SAVING THE OH OZONE" it might be about time for me to"TURN AND RUN" Instead of my "RIGHT MIND WRONG" pondering about "EXISTANCE OF NON-EXZISTANCE" i decited not to get "STUCK ON TOP OF A TOTEM POLE" and have to explain to anyone that I did something "JUST BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO" it was then that I was convinced ,and "YOU BETTER DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME" I could feel that there was "SOMETHING IN THE LAKE" yes I could tell and it was pulling on me saying it was "FROM MY GRAVE" scared straight "I'VE BEEN SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS" ever since constantly tormenting  me,no it just would'nt "LEAVE ME ALONE" thats most of the reason "ANGRY BETRAYAL" it ate at me nignt and day. and without that speacial  "SUSAN SWEET SUSUN" in my life ,there wasn't no one there to make me "PUSH THAT BUTTON" and I was having a "NICOTEENCAFFA-FEEN FIX" it was time to slow my role. and it was to be no more "SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT" nights. or "SHELLY IM SORRY I LIED TO YOU" days. still I need this to happen one more time. one more "HELL YEA" one more  attempt at thinking "IM GONNA MAKE YOU MINE" and then after that , I will not make my music be herd again. Then i bet every one will be thinking "GOD BLESS THE MAN" but in all reality the actual thought will be ,what is the one more time we have been four told about?"RELEASING IT ALL" ,i tell you,that, that iz the answer you seek.

   That being  said I will dedicate the remaining balance of my life, to my true love in my life, the creation of short stories.

i quote" Some memories never DIE.


         THANX 4 YOUR TIME. ,   .


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" I've been screaming at the top of my lungs "was written by Shia Athimen in association with midnight silence writing productions in the month of November just after Halloween and 2014 which was saying he was at the end of his rope and the hangman's noose was too damn tight

        " Shelly I'm sorry I lied to you"

        " yesterday's Gone"

        " Susan sweet Susan"
Shia and brotherz in theearly 80'z

The all popular "Somethings Going On"was written many years ago by Shia Athimen and was remade in 2015 and republished on Youtube in 2015 Dec.30.It describes the blinding effects of deception that are not so blinding after all .In all reality they are like a rock to the head noticable.There is darkness in the light!

"RIGHT MIND WRONG"existence of non-existence,.

Written by Shia Athimen in association with MIDNIGHT SILENCE WRITING PRODUCTIONS will soon be available on Amazon.

RIGHT MIND WRONG exzistance of non-exzistance

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Shia Athimen is the name.MIDNIGHT SILENCE WRITING PRODUCTIONS is my Game.Welcome to my Game.Shia Athimen is a legal Trade Mark of M.S.W.P all rights reserved. Also the writer of over 500 songs and 8 other fasanating stories. He is from Ft. Worth Texas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.Dream to Print .

RIGHT MIND WRONG exzistance of non-exzistance

Authored by Shia Athimen

Producer D L Martin

Trapped in a mental institution a man is hypnotized. Inside his mind would hold explanations and answers to all of life's most searched for questions!

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Jan 30 2017


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This song called "SEND HER HOME" was written by Shia Athimen in association with MIDNIGHT SILENCE WRITING PRODUCTIONS . For the late Robin Fisher. Robin and Shia work together for almost 7 years when her battle with cancer took her on April 5th 2017. Baylor All Saints Fort Worth Texas. A lot of the songs during that time period was written by Shia/MSWP was dedicated to her.  Whether good or bad subject matter these tunes always hit home in one way or another.